Go Hard or Go Home Cardio Workout Motivation

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Go Hard or Go Home Cardio Workout Motivation
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Are You Training Hard Enough? TRAIN HARDER!!!!!!

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Do you train hard enough? Or are you part of the 95% of gym goers that just “show up” but don’t put in the necessary time and effort to get much if anything out of their time in the gym?

If you train hard, you probably already know it, because everything else will have to close to perfect to give that type of effort consistently in the gym. Good, healthy foods, ample sleep, stress management, and goals that matter to you and will fight hard to achieve them.

Notice the sweat soaked top 😉

Know why you’re in the gym and do what’s necessary to achieve your goals and reach new heights. Don’t waste time, again, 95% of gym goers are absolutely not getting the results the want, or even training correctly, never mind hard, hard work is rare in any gym I walk into.

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Coach George Tsanis

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