Bodyweight Challenge Pull Ups

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Bodyweight Challenge Pull Ups
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I’m a big proponent of encouraging people to use the “best” exercises possible for all muscle groups and movements. Not a day goes by when I’m not encouraging people in my gyms, whether I know them or not, to do a “better” exercise, a “better” version, and usually these “better exercises are bodyweight exercises, not machines, cables, dumbbells and barbells.

Old time bodyweight exercises that have stood the test of time, worked back in the day, and work today, and when its not broke, why fix it. You can tell the difference in conditioning between people that use newer exercise machines versus people that use traditional old-time exercises that consult mostly of bodyweight movements. Newer exercises are not better. We know how muscles function and how to contract and lengthen muscles to train them, so the difference between old time exercises of the past were that people were not afraid to put in the hard work and get something out of the time and effort put into a more demanding exercise. As opposed to todays humans that want instant fat loss, instant muscle, instant conditioning, yet walk into any gym and you will be hard pressed to even find one hard trainer, yes one!!!!!! That’s why less demanding exercises is what you see on social media, books, YouTube, and other outlets, because people are selling Easy workouts and exercises to people that wont do anything hard, and that starts the cycle of exercising with lack of achievable goals, and lots of disappointment ahead because the prescription (easier exercises) and the patient (the average gym member) wont train hard because they see social media influencer not training hard, so why should they….do I really need to say why fitness and health influencers don’t have to train hard yet look good for the most part (looking good always and some of the time is another story for another time).

Next time you’re in the gym, notice the back development of people that do Cable lat pulldowns versus people that work hard on pull ups and chin ups. The difference in muscle development, and overall conditioning is striking and can’t be missed, and you should ignore when you notice success leaves clues. If you see people with amazing physiques that are using hard, demanding, more traditional exercises that have stood the test of time, and you see other making no gains and changing exercises every workout looking for something magical to happen, well, you got your answer which road to take.

Give the pull ups and chin ups an honest go, you will love what it gives back to you 😉

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