100% Hard Work Muscle Building – Help Me Reach 1000 Subscribers by my Birthday

100% Hard Work Muscle Building Part 1 – Help Me Reach 1000 Subscribers by my Birthday
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Intensity, do you have it? You know why you come to the gym, but do you know what needs to be done to achieve these goals? Just showing up to the gym wont help you with your “goals”, in fact, just “showing up” will cease to benefit you at all if your not progressively using more weight, more reps, better exercises, and above all, applying the correct amount of intensity!

100% intensity is rarely seen in gyms today, and that explains the lack of progress. At Workout Solutions we workout with the intensity required to get the job done, and if this level of intensity cant be applied then we move on to another form of exercise where we can still make “gains” in a particular fitness quality, be it cardiovascular conditioning, any form of stretching, or pre-hab work. If manipulating the exercise program isn’t an option, packing up and taking a day off, or as many as needed, is the best option in order to recharge your battery and come back when your ready and able to apply the intensity required.

Applied intensity is learned. You must apply yourself to get the intended effect. Coming to the gym, lifting weights, cardio, yoga without applying a harder challenge, a more challenging stimulus over time results in little to no gains in fitness, which is why you see people looking worse year on year even after doing cardio for years, and weaker year on year even though they “lift weights”, and why people go to Yoga classes a few times a week for years on end and still not flexible. YOU DON’T GET BETTER AT HEALTH AND FITNESS UNLESS YOU CHALLENGE YOURSELF WITH THE RIGHT DOSE OF INTENSITY.

Intensity is learned, and I spend my day helping people get the most out of their exercise programs and exercises by teaching them how to apply themselves more to the tasks (weight training, cardio, yoga, sports, etc.) in which getting better and “mastering” is a goal.

This video, and the many to follow is to show how hard we train for strength endurance, the intensity applied, and the volume, and the focus required when training with 100% intentions. Admittedly this is not “100%” for me, this is many years ago when I was recovering from a major illness and was on the road to the best me ever, which is now. The road is long and hard, but the journey was fun every rep and step of the way. 238 lbs in this video, lots of reps, and this was done after my “real” workout, and also did lots of push ups on those rings as well, maybe I should have posted exercise series first, but I’m hoping you don’t need to watch hours of videos to be convinced of what you already know, stop focusing on anything but yourself in the gymnasium and apply the highest level of intensity effort to all your physical activities, and I promise your health and fitness levels will daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Now how’s that for a change 😉

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First set = 238 lbs X 20 Reps

Second Set = 238 lbs 10 reps

Third Set 238 X 10 reps

Forth Set 238 lbs X 10 reps

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