Coronavirus Healthy Eating and Lifestyle #Coronavirus #COVID-19 #healthylifestyle

Coronavirus Healthy Eating and Lifestyle
#Coronavirus #COVID-19 #healthylifestyle

With the coronavirus epidemic taking over the world, you would think people would wake up and take care of their health, and each other. People worried about the coronavirus, what should we do, what should we buy, will we survive is all the news, frightening people and causing long line ups for food and supplies. Watching people stock up on unhealthy packaged foods, waiting in long line ups for fast processed foods, going to restaurants drink and eat away their fears with unhealthy foods and alcohol. We even have porn sites offering free memberships for those that need to be locked up due to coronavirus. I would love to say I’m “shocked” but I’m honestly not at all.

If your concerned about your “health”, then start with being calm, centered, and be mindful of all the things meaningful, all things happiness, joys, importance, priorities. Once you are mindful of what is and isn’t important, you will make the right decisions. Healthy foods are health promoting, and will keep you strong, energized, and happy during this stressful time in our world.

Unhealthy processed foods are health damaging, steal your energy, and keep you more worries and depressed. Do I really need to mention that alcohol during a time of panic will only make things worse?

Stay around loved ones, supporting each other, interacting as close as possible as humans were designed to do, this will keep us happy, mindful, and enhance our immune system. Spending time, and the extra time coronavirus may have giving us due to not going out as much in public places online doesn’t give us the happiness and health as face to face interactions. With your extra time cook more healthy foods, coffee, and invite people over, and do something together 😊

Exercising – maybe skipping the fitness centres is a great idea, as gyms are known to be one of the dirtiest of public places. Exercising at home, or in a park is a better option, and again, with the extra time people have, why not be active all day and enjoy the scenery offered this time of year, its beautiful outside for a nice walk, run, hike.

if you have followed me for even a short amount of time you know I champion home exercise, being able to exercise anytime, anywhere, everyday. Having exercise equipment at home is one of the first things I prepare for my clients. Bands, ropes, mats, weights are an investment to better health, so if you don’t have any of these, I suggest going to your local fitness store and getting whatever fits in your home and can afford.

Sleep – with news and social media outlets doing their best to grab and hold on to your attention to scare you, stress you, I must mention, in a stressed out worried state you wont make the best decisions. Stress will cause you to crave junk foods, alcohol, drugs, and drain you out of energy so that physical exercise is not on your radar, and with all these negatives you will negatively impact your sleep, sleeping less and ruin sleep quality, which will ensure the cycle of craving bad foods, and habits, bad thoughts keeps spinning and you start to break yourself down, then the real problems will begin.

Hopefully the coronavirus epidemic will help people be mindful of their health, and how to be human again, this is probably what the universe is trying to tell us, we just need to listen, and we can “listen” once we shut off the noise.

Coach George Tsanis

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