Weekend Home Cooking Coronavirus Healthy Eating and Lifestyle #Coronavirus #COVID-19 #healthylifestyle

Weekend Home Cooking Coronavirus Healthy Eating and Lifestyle
#Coronavirus #COVID-19 #healthylifestyle

With the coronavirus changing our world and how we live, we must find ways to be mindful to still #live”, and maybe go back to how we were intended to live, and that means cooking our own healthy meals and enjoy them together with loved ones.

You have more time now to cook, more time to call family and friends over, more time to exercise at home, more time to do the things that are important to you and bring you happiness and joy.
With the coronavirus shutting down events, stores, businesses down for fear of mass gatherings of people that can spread the virus, be mindful and use your time wisely.

Spending that extra time doing meaningful, happiness producing thoughts and actions with cooking, exercise, sports, long walks, volunteering, are ways to go, and don’t forget to call on family and friends to join in on the fun 😊

Doing all the above-mentioned activities help make you happy, healthy, strong, and part of living a purposeful life. Opposite to that, spending your extra time on social media, watching the news, playing videos, waiting in long line ups for coffee and junk food, sitting all day staring at a screen can be summed up as brainwashed and lifeless. Being healthy and strong contribute to making the best decisions. Being weak and addicted creates a cycle of self destruction and wasting valuable time.

Have a fun weekend

Coach George Tsanis

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