Coronavirus Outbreak Shutdown Everyday, Anywhere, Anytime Fitness Motivation

Coronavirus Outbreak Shutdown Everyday, Anywhere, Anytime Fitness Motivation
#Coronavirus #Homeworkout #lockdown

Coronavirus is shutting down gyms, fitness centres, yoga studios, and generally all public gathering places. This means your exercise, fitness, physical activity program and routine will be affected. In this video I motivate, inspire, and teach you that exercise can, and should be programmed and organized to be done anywhere, anytime, and everyday, and nothing can, or should stand in your way of any physical activity you want and love to engage in.

Exercise, Yoga, sports, and generally any form of physical activity can be done anywhere, anytime, everyday, and this should be built into your lifestyle no matter what situation good or bad may arise, your already prepared in case you want or need to change and adapt. It doesn’t matter if your gym is open or not, if you’re not able to go to a gym, if your out of town, travelling, limited on time, or a worldwide epidemic such as the coronavirus takes the world hostage and we need to minimize our travelling and mass gatherings, you have a contingency plan.

– Get some exercise equipment you can use at home, office, parks, beach, cottage, travelling.

– Yoga mat or any mobile surface to do yoga, stretching, exercise

– Bands – variety of resistance bands from easy to hard. This is essential equipment and all my clients have these in home, cars, office, cottage. No excuse not to have bands. Absolutely unacceptable not to know how to perform a variety of band exercises for all muscle groups.

– medicine balls = these can be especially fun, and being outside and throwing these far and retrieving the ball over and over again provides a great workout and some vitamin D 😉

– Search my channel for key words to find videos you can do out of the gym = “bodyweight exercise”, “Yoga”, “Stretching”, “Home”, “TRX”, “home”, and many exercises will come up.

– Books with exercises and stretches = Borrow or buy Yoga, calisthenics, gymnastic books and learn some new movements to do anywhere, anytime, everyday.

– Exercise videos of bodyweight, yoga, stretching exercises are linked in the comment section below to help you.

– Enjoy your time away from the gym. Take this time to try and learn new exercises and activities. For many it will provide a new stimulus, and a much-needed change from gym environment that will help your fitness levels rise higher. Its actually a blessing in disguise 😊

*NOTE* Replace “holidays” with coronavirus outbreak shutdown, and this video will make sense. This video was originally created to get people to exercise anywhere, anytime, everyday during the Holidays, and its very much applicable to our current Coronavirus situation, and no need to create another long video just to replace the words “holiday” for “coronavirus”. I Have been teaching the Anywhere, Anytime, Everyday philosophy of physical activity ever since I started teaching fitness, and lots of content on my channel will direct you to exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime, everyday.

Hope this helps, stay healthy and safe

Coach George Tsanis

+ WARNING+ If you are working with a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, trainer, physiotherapist, chiropractor or any health and fitness practitioner and they have not helped you with an out of gym exercise program, I suggest you fire them and get hire a practitioner that cares about you! ALL My clients either one on one or distance training have contingency plans for when life gets real and going to a fitness facility is not possible. Missed workouts is unacceptable, and the only way to not miss exercise / physical activity is to have a contingency plan in place, and if your health provider hasn’t done this for you, they aren’t doing their job and need to be let go. This coronavirus shutdown was totally expected, and I spend the last few weeks preparing people for the worst, whether they were my clients or not. I warned people that gym s will close, and its best to learn exercises to do away from gym. Glad many gym members took my advice and let me assist them with their “at home” programs. I see many online fitness celebrities jumping on the “home exercise” bandwagon. This is only for marketing and view numbers, if they ever cared about exercise anytime, anywhere, everyday they would have many videos and posts on the topic to ensure clients and followers alike never miss workouts, but most “fitness” coaches don’t care, and don’t know, don’t have real life experience. Stop following and hiring fake “Coaches” and work with people that care for you

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