Customer Service 101 – How Not to Talk to Customers Like a BOSS

Customer Service 101 – How Not to Talk to Customers Like a BOSS

Update March 18 2020 – For the last 2-3 years, an employee at the BOSS store at Eaton Centre has always giving me a sarcastic, aggressive, condescending tone, whether I am shopping alone or with company, this guy just doesn’t like me and treats me as if he wishes I wouldn’t come back. Being a successful businessman in the customer service field, and a loyal Hugo Boss customer for over two decades, its frustrating to walk into a store knowing you will be treated horribly, and in tough economic times, it leaves me scratching my head if people actually know the value of customer service.

This drama happened September 25, 2019, when this nasty employee didn’t approve of how I was looking at the new collection. I can assure you I treat other peoples property better than I treat mine, and if you see my collection of belongings everything is in great condition because I treat it well, because I respect the hard work to earn the money to buy things. There was absolutely nothing wrong with how I unrack and rack clothing with the hanger, the only thing wrong this day, and in the past is this Hugo Boss customer representatives customer service skills, which amount to BAD !!!!!!!!!

I originally posted this video on a blog September 28, 2019, unfortunately YouTube took my video down without explanation. I had a long phone call with someone who claimed to be the manager at the Eaton Centre BOSS store, but so many people claiming to be “managers” that I’m not sure who I was talking to, and never received a follow up in either email or phone call to come back to the store and do some shopping. I have been in the store since, and the horrible tone from this “customer service” representative continues against me, and I doubt its only against me.

The video is now reposted with the hopes it teaches people, especially people that want to be decent human beings, and those in the customer service fields, which is all of us, HOW NOT TO TREAT customers, and people alike. If you are working in the customer service field, or representing a company, then DO YOUR JOB and service the client!!!! Being aggressive, condescending, arrogant with people that pay you is a great way not to make money, and on a personal level it’s the sign of a horrible human being that people would avoid at all cost.
I hope this teaches you to be a better customer service representative, a better employee, and a better more beautiful person in real life.

God bless 😊

Coach George Tsanis

++++ After Boss asked YouTube to take my video down, which YouTube did with no reason explained, YouTube has blacklisted my site, shadow banned my channel, my videos, in effect making my videos invisible as people cant see them, or find them, and I have to give direct link, and even that sometimes doesn’t work. So not only did this horrible Hugo Boss Customer service representative give me many many terrible shopping experiences, he has rendered my community work, of creating informational videos on health and fitness worthless as now YouTube has “banned” my channel and we are doing everything possible to get this “ban” over and algorithm set so that people can find Workout Solutions on YouTube, watch our videos, and create a better self. This Boss associate attitude not only cost the corporation money, but also wasted hundreds of hours of my time because my videos can’t be seen and viewed because of their complaint, of which I have no idea what the complaint was. Hopefully this new video will give them nothing to complain about, and others that view it can learn HOW NOT TO TREAT PEOPLE 😉 ++++

From original Blog Post September 28, 2019

Caught on Camera Customer Destroys Hugo Boss Store
SHOCKING!!! UNHEARD OF!!!! Its no secret I play hard and shop hard. I love my career, and equally I love shopping. Money is the root of all evil, therefore when I earn my money I do my best to shop, help others, buy things I need, and admittedly, by all the clothes in my closet that I haven’t even wore once, even buy things I don’t need. Call it a bad habit, I don’t mind it 😉

Boss store Toronto Canada. Just looking, I’m in a hurry, just wanted to quickly see the Fall collection. Unfortunately, a salesman here for last year + always gives me an attitude. Rude, aggressive, insulting at times, but I don’t let his misery affect me. Today, as I look at the clothes, take them out, take pictures, feel the fabrics, he walks to the side of me huffing and puffing, fuming and says “You know man, your destroying my store. I don’t mind you looking at the clothes and stuff but your taking items on and off hook, leaving tags hanging (I guess this is the price tag that I must go inside the item and take out to observe the price), if you need any help I’ll take the clothes out for you”.

I have been shopping at high end stores since I was 11 years old! Do any of your oldies like me remember Junior Swank at Scarborough Town Center? I was wearing Polo to school in grade 6!!!!! I was also delivering the newspaper, helping neighbors, and various odd jobs for money. I was a pretty strong and capable kid, I didn’t ask much, I just did it. I loved to work, loved to earn money. With that said I shop a lot, and stores know me, owners and managers know me, and sometimes I even get calls to check some new items out.

I don’t need some “salesperson” with behavioral challenges to teach me how to shop. DESTROYING YOUR STORE???!!!! WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS EVEN MEAN????!!!!! As you can see in the video, I’m wearing a beautiful Boss shirt, Paige jeans, and have a huge camera bag with loads of expensive camera gear, and this Hugo Boss “sales representative” treats me like absolute garbage and accuses me of “DESTROYING” his store. I wonder what gives him the impression to treat me like shit each time he see’s me. A man walking into a store with top clothing and a full camera bag gives me the impression he chooses quality, so why treat this customer with arrogant and aggression? STUPID!!!

I tried calling Hugo Boss head office here in Toronto, but said they are not affiliated with the “corporate” company. I didn’t quite understand.

I also emailed the Hugo Boss Corporate head office in Germany. Still awaiting a response to the unacceptable “customer service”.

Slowly but surely, I can see why people shop online, and forgo the absolutely appalling “customer service”.

If HUGO BOSS doesn’t explain to me what the hell just happened, and why I was treated with zero value after being a loyal customer for over 2 decades, I will reconsider my loyalty and move those thousands of dollars I spend on Hugo Boss clothing a year to another fashion company and retailer that respects me as a human being and a client.

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