Healthy Home Cooking – Be Prepared #CoronaVirusChallenge

Healthy Home Cooking Preparation for Next Day
#lifestyle #kitchen #stuffedchicken

Stuffed chicken with spinach and Parmesan, Bok Choy with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil

The coronavirus has made us online personal trainers quite busier unfortunately, and with that, taking care of others, we Coaches must be mindful to take care of ourselves. Tomorrow may be a busy morning, so as a precaution I’m preparing my food tonight so that when I come home tomorrow healthy food is one thing I wont have to worry about 😉

Just as I teach all my clients to have a contingency plan with exercise and diet having multiple avenues to get healthy delicious food and physical exercise no matter what situation life may throw at you, as in now with the coronavirus leaving the majority of gym goers with nowhere to train, no contingency plan, no program for how to exercise outside of the gym, and a short cruise online you can see the inexperienced, and unprofessional personal trainers and Strength and Conditioning Coaches leaving clients high and dry with no contingency plan after this worldwide pandemic of coronavirus s has left us in.

Because I suspect food may be an “issue” tomorrow because of work schedule, I take the precaution of cooking now because I can, instead of suffering tomorrow from being hungry after work and coming home starving and having to cook food instead of washing up and enjoying a healthy meal when I come home and relaxing from all that hard work 😉

Tip = Don’t wait, do it now 😊

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