Life Meets Reality Healthy Prepared Meals #Healthylifestyle #olderpeople #love

Life Meets Reality Healthy Prepared Meals

Busier than ever because I got a business to run, both online and in person, I also have older adults to take care, ensuring they have food for the day and get some exercise in. The last thing I want to do after beginning my day at 5 am is come home and start preparing a meal, it will tire me out further and could negatively affect my mood and energy.

As I have been teaching people, don’t ever leave anything to chance. Because I knew my days schedule from yesterday, I decided it would be best if I prepared my meals for tomorrow so that my day is more efficient and productive.

As you can see from the meal, mixed beans, onions, garlic, carrots, tomato, avocado, pepper, olive oil, and boiled eggs, it was not only my meal after work, it was also a meal I prepared for some people I take care of. This is not new, either preparing my meals ahead of time, or preparing meals for clients and people I take care of and need that extra help, this is life, its reality, and you rise up and go above and beyond your reach as a person and a professional.

Take care of yourself, and each other, have a beautiful day 😊

Coach George Tsanis

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