Introduction to Band Resistance Home Exercise or Anywhere, Anytime, Everyday


Introduction to Band Resistance Home Exercise or Anywhere, Anytime, Everyday
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This is the first in a series of resistance bands, and introduction on why and how to use them, and how to incorporate bands into your overall fitness and health program. For those new to bands, or home out of gym training, this video should inspire and motivate you to get resistance bands of various strengths, and have fun anytime, anywhere you want to exercise. With upcoming videos I will teach how to get the most out of bands, digging deeper into how to make each exercise and workout a fun, safe, productive workout.

Resistance bands should be in every fitness gym, home gym, sports centres, and for most my clients and people that have consulted with me over the last two decades, placed in office and automobiles isn’t uncommon 😉 I have owned resistance bands since 2000, that’s 20 years. Never left the country or travelled far without them, and either do my clients. Its essential equipment anywhere, anytime.

Resistance bands make a great gift, and I’m know to gift people bands so they can easily use at home or if they travel. I’m also known to donate bands to children sports teams so the children can use during warm-ups and, wait for this, HOME TRAINING EXTRA WORK!!!!! YES, KIDS DOING HOME TRAINING WITH BANDS, and all this before the current worldwide pandemic of 2020. How about older people that can’t leave the home or caring facility? Band training in the comfort of your chosen or forced location isn’t a new idea unless Instagram and YouTube is your go to source of information, in the real world Personal Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Sports Coaches, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Manual Therapists, Yoga Teachers, or any health Body practitioner will use various forms of resistance bands in the gym, clinical setting, sports environment, or wherever comfortable for the client and patient. If they haven’t, I STRONGLY suggest you find a better, more caring practitioner.

Two decades and thousands of hours of personal use and teaching to hundreds of people of all ages and walks of life, I have enough experience and knowledge to suggest resistance bands should be in everyone’s exercise program. 100% stand behind that statement and cant even think of a reason “why not”, and never had a client that didn’t enjoy the versatility , budget friendly, easy to transport, and fun to use, and most importantly, the fitness benefits you will gain if you apply yourself hard enough.

As a Personal Trainer / Strength and Conditioning Coach, it has always been my job to ensure my clients can exercise anywhere, anytime, and everyday no matter what. That means it doesn’t matter if you cannot make it to a fully equipped gym, or if your travelling and have no access to a exercise facility, are sick or injured, fluctuations in energy or mood, it doesn’t matter because I always ensured my clients are taught and prepared for all life has to throw at us, and with that preparedness and strive to achieve goals, nothing can stop us. Resistance bands are part of this preparedness.

Coach George Tsanis

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