Dine in At Home Healthy Breakfast

Dine in At Home Healthy Breakfast
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Homemade Breakfast = 4 eggs, ginger, onions, olive oil, garlic, asparagus, avocado, coffee = 10 minutes and $5 tops.

Breakfast at restaurant = loud, busy, dirty, expensive, 2 eggs, 3 toppings, coffee, = 2+ hours to get there, eat, go home, and $20 no less with tip 😊. Don’t forget you still have to eat later in the day 😉 so gran some groceries on way home LOL 😊

Healthy nutrition is not only a choice, but a responsibility. How long can you be “healthy”, free of disease if you frequently eat processed foods, low quality foods, sugary foods, and foods with additives that we cannot pronounce, or worse, predict what they are doing to our health. Therefore, I suggest you be a knowledgeable consumer, know what you eat from scratch to finish, know what foods are beneficial for health, build a relationship with your grocer and local food growers and suppliers. Dining out puts your health into someone’s else hands, and unless you trust these hands, and everyone hands in that kitchen and cooking process, your putting your health at risk.

With the worldwide pandemic taking storm, is right now the responsible time to trust a restaurant, kitchen, café, or any stranger is washing their hands, being clean, free of any infectious disease or virus? In the best of times, I suggest you don’t trust what you don’t know. I’ve worked in kitchens, know chefs, know restaurant owners, cafes, coffee shops, food preparation outlets, and can assure the safest, long term healthiest choice, and financially responsible decision is to source and prepare your own food.

Politicians and business asking, begging you to support them in this time of crisis is both shocking and scary on many levels. Asking people to go out for fast, processed foods, coffee, and other “food” items that I would consider far from “essential”. Suggesting people step out of self quarantine to eat a breakfast, lunch, dinner is an irresponsible suggestion on may levels.

We need people to stay in their homes to prevent the spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Going out to support your local fast food joint that has enticed you with coupons, discounts, and even free deliver is not containing the potential spread of virus, and ruining peoples health at a time when optimal health is what we are fighting for.

Did I mention that eating dining out isn’t cheap, or the best value for your hard-earned money? Time to leave the house, walk, drive, transportation to food location, a lineup is likely, not only wasting your time in line, but potentially exposing you to COVID-19 , finally receive your meal, cant eat in side food place because not allowed, so you need to eat the food probably somewhere less safe because contact with other people that are not self distancing and could be spreading virus, or take the food back home, at which times its probably not hot anymore, and if you were going to eat home what was the point to….

Leave the house for food, potentially exposing yourself and others of coronavirus, to travel to get food, food that you have no idea who made it and how, food with no value, food with low nutrition, food that has to be eating elsewhere, probably home. Did that sound like a nice use of your valuable time and money?


Be responsible, Stay safe

Coach George Tsanis

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