Social Media Content Mistakes to Avoid in 2020 #lifestyle #SocialMedia #Business

Social Media Content Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

I will make this short since I’m not one of the millions of social media / YouTube creators that intentionally waste people life.
What is the number one mistake content creators make/ It’s the assumption that your content will be seen, you create a “following”, “subscribers”, but in this video I present a video I made 3 days ago, posted on twitter, WordPress, YouTube, and Pinterest, and the video didn’t receive not one view!!!! Is this a one-off event? NOPE!!!!! Out of 2700 + videos, I have many videos that posted months, years ago, and don’t have a single view. 400+ subscribers on YouTube, 1100+ subscribers on Twitter, WordPress 70 followers, on Pinterest it says 3.2K monthly views. weird how all these hundreds of people following me don’t see my videos, no views, no likes, no comments.

In summary – fake subscribers, fake followers, and the number one mistake creators make is the assumption that your post will be seen just for the fact you posted it. Social media sites don’t owe you anything, never promised you to showcase your post, and the horrible reality for content creators that spend so much time, hours and days, creating posts, and hours a day trying to promote tour profile, is all a waste of life and effort if the social media platforms don’t want your content, and your profile to be seen at all. The social media sites collect valuable information form you with what you input on their site, and you don’t get what your there for, exposure!!!!!

Post if you want to, but as you witness just one example of my content posted across 4 social media platforms, if they want to hide you, they will, and no one will see you, and for that reason it’s a mistake to waste your valuable time creating content, when you should be living a real life, the way we did before the digital information highway arrived. Wave bye bye or accept your not in control.

Without views, your content is worthless, much like the time and effort you put into that content, and all the content that is “invisible’, WASTED TIME…. And that’s a horrible way to live, freely giving your time and energy away for nothing ☹

Hope this adds value to your life sooner rather than later 😉

Coach George Tsanis

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