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DYI Do it Yourself Home Gym Equipment

Getting back to basics, a shovel, pail, and sand, thankfully no manure 😊 Probably the best home gym equipment solution I can think of for city people, people on farms and cottages have lots of work to do, manual labour, and lots of space to play in. For everyone, especially city living, the cheapest, and probably best exercise that will give you the “best bang for your buck” is the farmers walks with pails. 2 strong pails, sand, rocks, or any heavy objects you can fit in the pails will work, and so will you, this is a demanding exercise that will surely, with enough weight and frequency, I predict will get you in better shape than you are now at the beginning of the gym closures.

Many exercises that fitness and health content creators have posted range from stupid, ineffective, to potentially life threatening (read dangerous !!!). The farmers walk is something we all have been doing all our life, walking with weight in hand, and done for heavy enough resistance , and enough steps to endure a challenging workout session, I strongly predict you will not only maintain your “conditioning”, but raise strength and conditioning. Just load it up, finding heavy stuff, like sand and rocks, bricks, water to dump into pails that you can buy for a couple of bucks, it will prove to be the best bang exercise you do at home period!!!!!

All my clients have bands, this is non-negotiable in my program, so I suggest, if not a financial burden, to get a collection of bands, these will be invaluable for those times and moments when a gym workout can’t happen.

Farmers walks with pails will be the cheapest, and most demanding exercise you can do at home, park, cottage, out of the gym. ALL my clients do farmers walks. Not so much because we like the exercise, most don’t “like” the exercise, but what they are aware of, very noticeably, is that when you do farmers walks, and sandbag carries, your conditioning is next level, and for that reason I have often said, unless you are doing a nice dose of carries, that is farmers walks, sandbag carry, wheelbarrow, sled work, and other strongman exercises, you are not training optimally, and holding yourself back.

I would love to hear the “success stories” of those I’ve inspired to add the farmers walk, budget styles 😉, to their home gym

Have fun 😊

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