DIY Home Gym Sandbag Bucket Carry Part 1 #FitnessMotivation #HomeExercise


DIY Home Gym Sandbag Bucket Carry
#HomeGym #StrongMan #Cardio

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Took about 30 attempts to upload videos in the last two days, I’m shocked this video went through.It was a pleasure to make this, and the other videos to follow, but a total nightmare to upload, so I hope you find value in the content. More great videos to come if I can post them.

Have a beautiful day

Coach George Tsanis

Bell Fibe, Adobe Premier Pro, YouTube Uploading Troubleshooting

Before you press thumb down, let me do some explaining about the significance of this, and the many videos to follow. This week I made many videos to help motivate, inspire, and teach how to maintain an exercise program out of the gym, and of course to get in the kitchen and use your extra time to cook. That’s the message, and my intention.

The last few days have been very stressful, and not without issues popping up constantly that ruin try to ruin my workflow, try to disengage me from my intentions and passions, and posting this and many videos to follow is symbolic to me in the many struggles I had to encounter on my way to helping others, helping people in time of crisis, and when I see these videos in the future, they will remind me of the obstacles that tried to stop me from being me.

Obviously we cant travel around as we once did, and not only am I a Personal Trainer, I am also a caregiver for many people I ensure have exercise programs, food, and however else I can help. Being forced to be home more is a stress to me.

Neighbors outside staring at me while smoking, which bother me when I exercise, make videos, talk on mobile and digital devices. Have had to stop videos, stop exercising, and smoke makes me feel sick. As I mentioned in a video, when people stare at me with a cigarette in their mouths, I feel like I’m not doing my job, I feel like I’m not motivating them to quit the addiction and join me for a workout.

I made many videos, and many videos got mysteriously deleted.
Many videos I made have no audio, which again, is weird because I always check the mic jack to ensure everything is ok, well, it wasn’t ☹

I tried to upload videos almost 30 times in last 2 days and couldn’t upload. Not sure if its Bell Canada’s premium Fibe internet which I subscribe to, or Adobe Cloud Premier Pro which I use to upload videos, or if its YouTube blocking me from uploading videos because they don’t want anyone to see my content. 20+ attempts to upload various videos in the last two days because I have a desire, a passion, a want to help others when I know they need me, is a stressful event because I’m not in control, if YouTube wants to hide my video, which it does, it will, so its absolutely stressful when I cant help others, cant be of good use, cant share my gifts to the world because what I’m teaching is health, and it seems that is bad these days, much better to post how to play videos games, junk food eating competitions, and other unhealthy and life wasting habits that are taught and enforced on social media today at the expense of what I call life. REAL LIFE.

Its frustrating how YouTube hides my videos and send bots to comment and follow me. Frustrating because it really doesn’t take much of my time or effort to post something that can change someone’s life, but its absolute draining when YouTube wastes my life, issues with my expensive internet Bell Fibe, issues with my expensive Adobe Cloud, its just so much resistance, and it really does feel like im in a “fight” against an evil force that doesn’t want me to share healthy tips.

After 20+ attempts in the last two days, and many many more I the last weeks, to upload great, useful, healthy content, posting this video where I tried to showcase my struggle, even though I couldn’t attach all the videos in one string, as is the way I tried to upload it, even though many segments have no audio, I’m posting these videos as a victory to me, as a role model to others, that when obstacles jump in our way, if it means that much, I wont give up, and I didn’t.

Coach George Tsanis

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