Why I Quit Instagram a Year ago, And Why I May Go Back #SundayMotivation #SundayThoughts

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Why I Quit Instagram a Year ago, And Why I May Go Back
#Instagram #IQuit #Lifestyle

Disabled my Instagram account February 12, 2019, over a year ago, and I even recorded and uploaded the event hoping I can inspire others to do the same. It was not my first time disabling my Instagram account since creating my account in January 2016. I once disabled for 6 months, and another time for 8 months. So, I’m “off” more than “on”. The last few years I have made it a personal priority and mission to get people off social media as possible. Its not easy breaking addictions.

I was never addicted to social media; I know why I use it and follow my own personal rules and guidelines for its use. It helps to be too busy to actually be on social sites, and busy I am, but I also love teaching, motivating, and inspiring as many people as I can. Maybe that’s my real addiction, helping people, especially in my field of health and fitness, where much of the content is made up of lies creating false hopes, some of it absolutely dangerous, and the good useful information makes up very little of the online content due to the fact that great health professionals like myself are too busy to be living behind a screen because we are working, and when we do post, we cant compete with the false promises that people unfortunately believe , or stand beside drug induced “models” where naive people think they can find a great looking body, and follow them hoping they can look like them. You can’t make this stuff up, but its true, and its sickening to watch.’

So why don’t I disable my account a year ago? Why am I considering going back on Instagram? Watch the video to find out. IF I go back on Instagram, it will be again with set rules on purpose, WHY I’m on it, my goals and intentions. To be honest with you, with the low-quality content I post, posting on Instagram would probably take an extra 5-10 minutes of my time when I do post. Following people, liking, talking to people, “engaging” … My parent didn’t raise me to live behind a computer, but they did raise me to be a kind, helpful gentlemen, so let’s see if I can give Instagram another try, and get my message of health and fitness across so people can change their lives, and get more out of their exercise program. That would be my “kind” gift back to the world….

I got so much to share and explain, but I’ll leave it there.

My intention with this post is to bring awareness to people of WHY you’re on social media, specifically Instagram. What is the reason and the purpose? Is your goals and intentions being met without taking away from more important areas in your life? Or is Instagram and other social platforms taking over your time, thoughts, and basically your life, and you are coasting mindlessly, with zero gains in return?

With social media you’re either “helping” or “learning”. But that’s not what this old Coach is seeing.

Thank you for your time

Coach George Tsanis

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