No Better Time Than Now to Start Yoga 30 Day Stay Home Challenge #30daychallenge #Stayhome #yogalife

No Better Time Than Now to Start Yoga 30 Day Stay Home Challenge
#30daychallenge #Stayhome #yogalife

April 1st, 2020, Yoga, stretching and strengthen stay home exercise challenge. NO JOKE! Being a big advocate of being strong and mobile, Yoga is part of our exercise program here at Workout Solutions. What isn’t a secret is that I strongly prefer people do yoga alone, peaceful, solitude, shut the distractions, focus on your inner and outer self, and “explore”.

It is our responsibility to stay home until further notice to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus COVID-19. It is also our responsibility to be in optimal health. It is difficult times for all of us. Until our world becomes normal again, I will do my part as a Personal Trainer Strength and Conditioning Coach to provide inspiration, motivation, knowledge, and power to get people moving again, stronger, more flexible, happier, and much needed stress relief.

Being in the comfort of your own home, working at your own pace, more time to do the things you always wanted to but couldn’t find the time, having to learn new things such as exercising without equipment, cooking more often, and my goal is to introduce you to Yoga and mobility exercises that will enhance your health, physically and mentally, there is no better time than now to begin your Yoga journey, so please join us.

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Coach George Tsanis

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