Practice Cooking at Home as if Your Life Depended on it Part 1 #cooking #StayHome #Motivation

Practice Cooking at Home as if Your Life Depended on it Part 1
#cooking #StayHome #LifeMotivation

(+ I got so much to say about being self-sufficient, especially when it comes to preparing your own meals, but I will start off this series with an example on how to create mastery in the art that no matter what life throws at us, we make time to prepare our own meals, and whether we prepare our meals or not, we never / rarely compromise our health and financial situation to dine out. I will explain more in future, enjoy this post and am certain it will add value to your life – Coach George Tsanis +)

Life meets reality, and reality is that some days we have more time and energy than others, by being mindful and aware of and changes internally and externally we can adjust and adapt.

For example, if you know you will be busier than usual tomorrow, why not make the necessary changes to ensure everything important is not affected, healthy eating shouldn’t be compromised, but “time” is the biggest excuse for why people don’t eat healthy, why people eat out so often, and why people miss so many workouts per year. Those dining out meals and missed workouts add up, add up in extra fat, less muscle, added health risks, and the financial costs now and in the future can be more than you bargained for.

I teach my clients to prepare meals ahead of time when time is not on their side, or schedules need to be modified.

I knew today would be a busy day for me, and I would much prefer to relax when I get home as opposed to being in the kitchen. To solve the “problem” I boiled some eggs, chopped some onions, and that protein and fat loaded meal will keep me full till for a few hours. The “solution” is never to eat out where you have zero idea what’s really in your food, or in todays crisis environment, if the person preparing your meal is virus free, not to mention we are all practicing social distancing, so walking in and out of take out food restaurants increases the risk of spreading virus, stay at home unless its absolutely necessary to leave , be self-sufficient and practice cooking at home as if your life depended on it.

Hopefully I inspired you to take more control of your time and actions. Feel free to check out our videos on healthy cooking, and please like, subscribe, share to support our channel.

Thank You

Coach George Tsanis

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