Single Leg Deadlift Home Backpack and Bag Exercise Fitness Motivation Leg Workout

Single Leg Deadlift Home Backpack and Bag Exercise Fitness Motivation Leg Workout
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First, I want to apologize. I made a long “Backpack Home Workout” video 4 days ago, but having some grey clouds over me and it turns out the microphone wasn’t working, so no audio, which I regret because I gave a great explanation on how to use the backpack, and any bag at your disposal for a fun, safe, productive exercise workout at home or anywhere you want. Second problem was I was unable to upload the video, any video, and had about 40+ attempts to upload various videos, and none went through. I originally planned to redo this video this morning, Sunday March 29 2020, but its raining hard outside so I will post this video without audio in the hope it can help someone sooner rather than later, and I think most people will get the idea and instruction visually. I was extremely excited to make this backpack bag exercise video, and actually took a bit of time to find as many heavy objects that can be used as weight in bags. I was disappointed that no audio, but that didn’t stop me from trying to upload it that day, but I had issues with uploading and audio issues until last night when all is fixed. The thumbnail didn’t turn out as i had set for the upload,and that will be the last negative issue of this small project that was chaotic to deliver, from here its all fun and progress.

I’m sure you will find this video and the exercises it contains more than helpful now during the fitness centre shutdown, and in the future when you want and need to exercise anywhere, anytime, everyday. Stay tuned for more backpack and other home exercises in the coming days.

Any comments and suggestions are greatly warmly welcomed

Thank You

Coach George Tsanis

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