How to Train Shoulders no Equipment Shoulder Press

How to Train Shoulders no Equipment Shoulder Press
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How to perform the Shoulder Press home or wherever with easy to find and buy necessities that wont break the bank, add variety, and help you not only maintain your fitness and muscle mass, but increase it.

Train at Home Exercise with No Equipment Series Volume 1 Introduction

Across the world gyms are closed, and people practicing social distancing, many are without an exercise program and have very little knowledge of what “exercises” can be done at home, anywhere, anytime, and with no to little equipment, in fact all you need is basic home necessities such as bags, backpacks, purse, plastic bottles, sand, and your good to go 😉

This video explains the basics, what you can use as weight and handles, and once you watch the video it will all make sense and you can figure out exercises you can easily do at home and anywhere.

I will make lots of videos on exercises that can be done home, so they will help you out with ideas and tips and tricks.

If you have comments or questions, please contact Coach George Tsanis

Enjoy the Train at Home Exercise Series 😊

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