Become Your Best Self During the Quarantine #Quarantinelife #selfisolation #bestself

Become Your Best Self During the Quarantine
#Quarantinelife #selfisolation #bestself

In this vlog I give many examples of how you can use this time of self-distancing and quarantine to create your best-self. I believe you will find it useful in determining what is and isn’t meaningful and valuable in your life, and how to change that with the opportunity given to you, a few extra hours in the day to do the things you always wanted, and eliminate all that no longer serves you.

The pandemic of 2020, and the quarantine in full effect may be the blessing in disguise if people use their “extra” time wisely. No one will come out of this quarantine the same, you can either choose to make yourself better, or worse.

I strongly believe most people needed a “break” in their life. People became too stressed, anxious, sleep deprived, spending too much time on things of little to no value, and that left them exhausted with little to no time for the things that really mattered.

The most common excuse was “no time” and “no energy”, mainly because people put to much time and energy into pleasure at the expense of happiness. For this reason, I believe wholeheartedly this quarantine can be the blessing, the gift from above to rest your life, begin doing the things you always wanted to, but didn’t have the time for in the past. With many hours now available by not commuting to work, no gym or sports to participate in, meeting up with people, and other factors that “steal” our time and energy, we can, and should put all this extra time into recreating ourselves with starting with eliminating habits that no longer serve us and rebuilding a life of meaning and purpose.

Quarantine is what we use to call “hibernating”, where we would be in self-hiding until a goal was met, Could have been not going out till you save a certain amount of money, or staying away from socializing while preparing for an event. I know, not exactly the same, one is by force, the other is a decision, but since you have no choice in the matter, and life as we knew it will not be the same, using this time of quarantine to create your best self so that when the quarantine restrictions are over, you are a better, healthier, happier person.

Out with the old, in with the new, the new better you.

Stay safe. Use this quarantine wisely, do everything to make yourself better, not worse.

Coach George Tsanis

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