Home Giant Sets Fast Leg Day Cardio Workout #fitness


Home Giant Sets Fast Leg Day Cardio Workout

I specifically designed this as fast and easy workout to train strength training and cardio at the same. I explain in detail the basic structure, principles, and maybe even more importantly, how progression is built into the program so that you can ensure continued progress in both strength and endurance from future sessions.

This is an ideal workout and plan for people that may not have time for longer than 20-minute workouts. Being at home with family and kids may present problems in being alone and focused for more than 20 minutes, this giant set workout, and a giant set structure can solve this problem.

At the end of the video I go over the workout, and how you can monitor variables such as total workout time, total time spent on each exercise, documenting rest times, weight, and how to use this information to program progression into future sessions.

I trust you will find the workout demanding, and the information on program design extremely valuable to all future workouts. Very important information.
Please check out our exercise library, many exercise that can easily be done at home with no equipment.

If you require assistance with your out of gym workouts, please contact

Coach George Tsanis


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