Micro Home Workout Session for People with Kids #homeworkout #fitness #weekend

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Micro Home Workout Session for People with Kids

You will not always have the luxury of training in a well-equipped fitness facility or have more than a few minutes to get some form of physical activity into your day. Any amount of exercise is better than no exercise. With the gym’s shutdown, and most not having heavy barbells and dumbbells at home, and quarantine with family, it presents many challenges on how to get exercise into the day.

Not to worry, at Workout Solutions everyone has a contingency plan personally tailored to your goals, and equipment access, and time. Let’s for example say you are home, quarantine, but have kids that may want your attention frequently throughout the day. Setting aside 30+ minutes of uninterrupted exercise with young kids running around will prove to be difficult, if not always, sometimes, and Ill make sure your prepared for those occasions.

Micro workouts are short workouts of 2 to 20 minutes. This gives you the opportunity to get exercise done while the kids are preoccupied, let’s say for example while being fed by your partner, or sleeping, bathing, or playing with your partner. You will organise this short micro workout knowing how much time you can probably get away with before the kids get restless and look for you.
Any exercise will do, but of course you will choose the exercise with most return for your time and effort. Squats, pull ups, lunges, push ups are in, bicep curl, triceps kickbacks and calve raises are out.

In this video I illustrate the farmers walk. I have been working all day actively, but I have lots of energy. Instead of letting this energy go to waste, I choose to do a micro workout. Farmers walks for 1000 steps with 80 lbs buckets in each hand.

This micro workout method has been a staple in my program design, and the most common way I assign it is before or after meals (I prefer before, but you do what suits you best) and showers, for about 2-5 minutes. Before or after meals to lower glycogen and blood sugar, and upregulated GLUT-4 receptors. Before showers for the same reason and getting a bit dirtier and sweatier before a shower, and burning extra calories, shower up, nice, cleaning and now your metabolically in a better state than if you didn’t do this “micro” exercise.
More on this in the future.

If you need assistance with your exercise program, contact

Coach George Tsanis


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