Circuit Training Workout at Home #homegym #noequipment #quarantine

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Circuit Training Workout at Home
#homegym #noequipment #quarantine

Continuing with how you can get a great workout at home, with minimal equipment and time, I showcase a real circuit training program that suited my energy and time allowance for this day.

Let’s see if this scenario sounds familiar to you. Busy day, medium energy levels, haven’t created a workout and no time to, you just want to get some exercise done, fast, and get back to regular life.

Circuit training is a great way to get a fun, safe, and productive workout with minimal time and planning. Select any exercise, “work” for 30-60” depending on workout time, the less time the workout the less the work set time is so that you can fit in more exercise and or sets, and “rest” intervals of 20-30 seconds.

This video was not planned or staged, it’s a true real-life situation of me having to factor in time and energy and getting a great workout done.

I trust you will be inspired to add circuit training to your exercise program and lifestyle. If you watched the previous video on Micro Workouts you will learn for most busied bodied people under quarantine with family and kids at home, doing shorter workouts but multiple times per day is the most beneficial methods and practice for fun and productive exercise, and in the future I will present research to why multiple, shorter, circuit type workouts are best for fat loss and conditioning.

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