Fun, Safe, and Productive Living a Healthy Joyful Life

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Fun, Safe, and Productive Living a Healthy Joyful Life

Dedicated to my dear loving Grandmother Melpomene, who passed yesterday on the special day of Easter 2020, living a full happy life to 97 years young. My grandmother was very special to me, and as I reminisce about all the beautiful lessons she shared, I want to share this video I made a few days ago about trying new things, experimenting, knowing when to play, and knowing when to push hard. My grandmother was a hard worker, even in her later years where her mental and physical state were deteriorating, Grandma Melpomene still stayed true to her real authentic self, dedicating her day to family, food, cleaning, gardening, and God.

How to apply my Grandmothers wisdom to your workouts and life? Take care of yourself, and everything with meaning and purpose is the focus of the day, with nothing distracting you from what needs to be done and what you love doing. I will share more about my Grandmother in the future. Granny would be disappointed if I didn’t do any “work” today, mourning our loss with the family, and preparing for a funeral, I’m sure my grandmother would be proud if I posted a vlog that could help people tremendously with not just their workouts , but life as a whole.

Being under quarantine, and not having a fully equipped gym, topped off with working, money, and being under a roof with family all day presents many challenges. Do as my grandmother did, no challenge stopped you from doing what is valuable.

Workouts – If you are tired, drained, stressed, have limited time, and anything else “challenging” that comes our way, consider that not every workout has to be a real “workout”. Play around, lightly, experiment, try new things, move, observe, and work within your energy and time limits, and take this “experimental” session and learn and apply in future workouts. For example, if you only have 7 minutes to exercise, then maybe its better to spend a few minutes on an unfamiliar exercise and see if it feels good or not. A new stretch, a new exercise, a variation of an old exercise, use this time to play, try, do, and learn. It all amounts to more “work” done, it also means you are now more aware of new exercises and technique you can apply in the future.

Getting the job done no matter what, fun, safe, productive, healthy, happy, joyful, fulfilled.

Great life 😊

Coach George Tsanis

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