Circuit Training Workout at Home for Stress Relief #homegym #stressrelief #fitnessmotivation

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Circuit Training Workout at Home for Stress Relief
#homegym #stressrelief #fitnessmotivation

One of the best stress relievers is exercise. With stress being at an all time high for many of you, try and add exercise to your daily schedule, and exercise in a “as needed” stress relief session. If you exercises earlier in the day, but something has got your down and stressed, don’t hesitate to any form of exercise, how light or high intensity you want, and for how long. In my program I call these “micro workouts”, in days past people like my grandmother would gravitate an activity that is both valuable and offer stress relief, that could have been cooking, cleaning, gardening, knitting.

Here I am doing a real life workout under real life stress. I hope it motivates you to start reaching for exercise when mood is down, bored, stressed, its the magic “pill” 😉

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