High Intensity Interval Circuit Training Workout at Home


High Intensity Interval Circuit Training Workout at Home
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If you viewed the last video, Circuit Training Workout at Home for Stress Relief, that was more of a “fun” unplanned workout to get moving, get your mind off the stress, relax, mediate, and basically a fun workout that matches your mood and energy levels, which you can see I’m “drained” in that video, but didn’t stop me from getting my exercise, which also happens to be most peoples “anti-stress pill”.

If your energy and mood dictate something of a higher intensity and higher pace, today’s video will be an interesting watch, and not so much because of the exercise I used, but the exercises you can use.

Alternating two demanding exercises, Farmers walk, and bucket carries with lower demanding exercises. As you get into the 5 minute mark, you will notice that getting a decent workout quickly, for example under 10 minutes is very much possible when you learn how to select and alternate exercises according to your mood, and available time and energy.

This workout was 33 minutes, and at the end of the video I did a review of how many feet I walked with the farmers and bucket carry, and all the other high repetition band exercises in-between.

Wasn’t so much about the “workout”, it was more of a stress relief and a “get-a-way” from anything you want to get away from temporarily, with to days stressful climate people should be probably focus more on stress control and relief than if the gym are open or not.

In the future I will put the pieces together of “how many workouts” per week, and in times of quarantine and extra added stress, and extra time, people should strongly consider multiple micro workouts daily to have a built-in “fitness” and “stress” relief time, because you’re likely top need it 😉

Enjoy the workout, and the lessons within it, and tailor it to your needs, mood, energy, time.

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