Conditioning Circuit Training Workout at Home for Fun and Stress Relief

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Conditioning Circuit Training Workout at Home for Fun and Stress Relief
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Quick, unplanned workout with the goal of destressing and having some fun to take my mind and body to a better place 😊 Late in the busy day, stressed out, tired, mood ☹ cold, but what I really need is something to take me to a better place, and away from others, and exercise will give me what I need right now. Technically not supposed to exercise because of religious reasons, but I am categorizing this fun workout as more relaxing and meditative stress relief more than “physical activity”, because that is the focus of the activity because that’s what I need.

For many of you under more stress than usual, stop categorizing workouts into something defined by the media, and define workouts according to the goal and outcome. My goal was stress relief, have some fun, and no longer than 30 minutes. After 25 minutes of “exercising” I got all I wanted, some fun, stress relief, happier, healthier, and now I am in a better place mentally and physically to handle my life’s responsibilities and priorities.

Do not make health and fitness any more stressful than it needs to be. Health, fitness, nutrition should be a fun journey, not a stressor that beats you down. With that said, I’m glad you got to witness a really stressed out Me, and what I did the alleviate that stress live and unplanned.

Now create your own “escape” route for when you need to de-stress. Know what stresses you, know what makes you happier, and when you need time to alleviate stress, you know exactly what to do to reach that goal, as I just did here in this video 😊

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