Micro Home Squat Workout Session


Micro Home Squat Workout Session
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Got only a few minutes to exercise? Whether its 1 minute or 60, each minute counts, and for most people doing more than 20 minutes of uninterrupted exercise at home is challenging to impossible. I found the solution to this “problem” over 2 decades ago, and the solution is micro workouts. Born out of the idea that any exercise is better than no exercise, and many of my clients were too busy to workout at specific times for a specific time because each day brought there own unique time, scheduling, and energy challenges, I had to devise multiple strategies that would not prevent my clients from exercising, regardless of any situation that may arise. Micro workouts that can be done anywhere, in or out of gym, and with any amount of time and energy you have. Therefore, people I work with all have a contingency plan of exercises they can do anywhere, anytime, no matter what.

Micro-workouts are built into our programs in many ways. I mostly use them before meals and showers, especially if someone is trying to lose fat, or if a client is seated for prolonged periods of time, I may have them do exercises to rest postural alignment. The biggest benefit of micro-workouts is not so much that it prevents missed workouts, and a missed workout is a missed opportunity to become better, but in our programming micro-workouts show its biggest benefit in doing more work, more sets, more reps, and more work results in a stronger, healthier, more conditioned body.

I promise I will do a nice video and article on micro-workouts soon, I will get to it 😉, in the mean time if you find it challenging to get more than 5 minutes of continuous uninterrupted exercise at home, or mood and energy dry out withing 10-20 minutes, give micro-workouts a try, multiple times a day, and not just as part of “exercise” or a “workout”, but include micro-workouts as a form of recovery, relaxation, and meditation to provide some much needed stress relief.

Bucket squats, done for 100 reps, I go into detail on how to implement micro-workouts into your workouts, and how to monitor workout variables to make sure you continue to progress.

It’s a very fun way to train, and with stress being magnified in today’s modern world, altering our mood and energy for the worse, look no farther than micro-workouts, and doing what you can right now, and let those short micro-workouts accumulate into overall workout times equal to or greater than traditional style workouts, and you may find yourself more “fresher” and more “recovered’ than doing longer workouts.

More in the future 😊

I will include a link to a previous video and write up on micro-workouts at the bottom

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