Mini Leg Workout at Home for Fun and Stress Relief

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Mini Leg Workout at Home for Fun and Stress Relief
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If you have been following the last exercise sessions you know my focus is more on stress relief and meditation, taking myself away temporarily from life’s stresses.

This pandemic, quarantine, self social distancing should bring awareness to the multiple benefit’s “exercise” provides, specifically I am talking about mental stress. Many people look at “exercise in very narrow defined way, for example resistance training for “muscle growth”, or Yoga for “stretching”. In my practice, with the age group and physical goals I deal with, exercise has more to do with “anti-aging” above anything else, and you don’t age well when stressed out, exhausted, in pain, and cant do the joyful activities you want to, for example playing with your grandchildren, golf, or anything else that’s important to how you choose to live.

Unplanned workout, mostly because I shouldn’t be working out today, but I decided if I can get about 20-25 minutes of exercise, create a long video, this one, and two shorter videos, it would give me much needed immediate stress relief, energize me, give me happiness because I can show my audience a real life situation of using exercise, or activity, that will lessen my stress, and allow me to be in a better state of mind for myself and the people in my life.

2 to 20 minutes is all you need for that “great escape”, and yes I have a “Great Escape” video that I made months ago, the escape that will build you up, strengthen you, and add some much needed stress relief.

Have a beautiful day

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