Workout of the Day Home Cardio Training

Workout of the Day Home Cardio Training
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Life meets reality, and this video is as real as it gets. Do your exercise at your first earliest convenience. Going through a fast paced 40-minute workout with many lessons built in for you to apply to your own exercise routine and lifestyle.

Sandbag step ups for 100 reps

Overhead bucket carries for 500+ steps

Sandbags walks for a few hundred steps

Band rows to squats for 100 reps

Band rear delts flyes with squats for 50 reps

Here is the lesson, and happy I can show you a real life situation of how I have to deal with my workouts and exercise routine, and this scenario is common amongst the very busy clients I work with.

At my first work “break” into the day, which I can afford 30 to 60 minutes of anything I want to do during that break, I am in the mood for exercise, and that is what I will do.

Lesson 1: Do your exercise at the first available time and convenience. Weather right now is a cold 3 degrees, 44 kms winds with 54 kms gust, calling for rain to begin in one hour which will last all day.

If I do not exercise outside now, I will not be able to exercise outside for rest of day. If I exercise in house now, that will mean Yoga, stretching, and balancing exercise. Since I have a yoga, stretching, balancing session planned late this evening, I either go outside and do my resistance training cardio, or stay indoors and do two yoga, stretching, balance sessions today.

Do what you can right now according to mood, time, and availability.

Lesson 2: I broke up the exercises in time blocks, for example the sandbag step ups took me 6:30 minutes to complete 100 reps. The lesson here is that even if you only have 10 minutes to spare into your busy morning, afternoon, day, you have time to get an amazing effective and fun workout.
Believe me, at 210 pounds bodyweight, with 130 pounds of bag on my shoulders, 100 steps at about 1 foot high, done in under 7 minutes, that is about the most efficient and productive cardio workouts you can do anywhere, anytime. The other exercises, the overhead carry, sandbag walks are all detailed by “time blocks” so you can see and learn how doing “micro-workouts” is a great, and for many of us, the only way to get exercise into our busy life.

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