Pre-Birthday Micro Workout Pistol Box Squats

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Pre-Birthday Micro Workout Pistol Box Squats

Life meets reality, and this is another lesson in “micro-workouts”, and detailed information on todays micro-workout.

This is early evening, April 30, 2020 and I am done work for the day, all that needs to be done is shower and cooking and then relaxing for the night.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I will surely, and definitely be planning to, indulge in home baked goods that I will make with family, for ourselves, loved ones, and clients. I am also planning lots of relaxation time. My options are to take shower now, then start cooking, and this would result in an earlier than I want dinner. This affords me the time to sneak in a “micro-workout”, something in the 20-30-minute range, before showering and cooking.

Knowing my plans for the next few days, and given it is my birthday and I will be celebrating, its best I do a mini workout that will enhance my mood, my metabolism, increase my insulin sensitivity, and cause muscle damage and repair during the higher calorie and rest days that I have planned.

I also used this workout to work on my technique and endurance on the pistol squats. Because I have not done them regularly since beginning of March, working on my form and work capacity would be ideal. This exercise now, for the time I have, 20-30 minutes, can meet and exceed all expectations and goals I have for this exercise, and the intended metabolic effects I want to incur for the next 24-72 hours.

In summary, micro-workouts can also be done to work on technique, work on an exercise you are not accustomed to, or have a high capacity to do multiple reps. For example, if you can only do 1 repetition of the pistol box squat, setting aside 5-10 minutes as a “micro-workout” to work on technique and endurance is better than using “real” workout time to get better. Since this exercise lends itself easily to be done anywhere, anytime, with no gym necessary, and has a high carry over to performance in multiple exercises and sports, its one of my main out of gym exercises I prescribe that gives me a great return on investment.

More on micro-workouts and exercise selection in the future.

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