Interval Circuit Training Micro-Workout at Home #homeworkout #bodyweighttraining #fitnessmotivation

Interval Circuit Training Micro-Workout at Home
#homeworkout #bodyweighttraining #fitnessmotivation

A rainy, cold, busy day. This is my second micro-workout of the day. A circuit consisting of
1) Sandbag step ups
2) Band rows
3) Superman abdominal stabilization

22:28:66 is all it took to complete this challenging full body workout. You can custom tailor the workout to suit any time you have, you will see in the video how long it takes me at each exercise and certain repetitions to give you an idea of how much work you can accomplish with very limited time. With increased frequency of micro-workouts, you end up doing more work overall in the course of a week, month, years, as opposed to people that don’t apply this knowledge, they miss many workouts throughout the year.


I explain and teach how to organize workouts and micro-workouts according to your time allowance, daily schedule, weather, mood, family responsibilities, energy, and exercise selection. Knowing and practicing what you can do now, or in the immediate future, will allow you to organize workouts, physical and mental fitness breaks throughout the day that will allow you to not only get more out of your workouts, but more out of everything you put time and energy into your life.

To get the full feel of the day, I suggest you watch the first micro-workout done earlier in the day, Pistol Box Squats Micro Workout on a Rainy Day, and this video will tie-in nicely with how I live my day to not only get everything done, including my exercise, but to also adapt so that I get better at everything I do, always energized and growing, and looking forward to my next “challenge” 😊

For consultations contact

Coach George Tsanis

Pistol Box Squats Micro Workout on a Rainy Day

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