Shoulder Press with Resistance Bands


Beautiful day for lots of fun exercise ☀️ Shoulder presses with bands 💪
#resistancebands #fitnessmotivation #homeworkout

Since the beginning of my coaching journey 3 decades ago, I have made it my focus as a Coach to never leave a client or anyone I care about without an exercise or workout that they can do anywhere, anytime, and mostly this means without a gym! This is what my coaches and mentors taught me and I could never repay them or this priceless advice (unlike the “coaches” of today that have largely left clients and athletes without a training program during this… 🙄)

Gift of life – before giving a gift , be thoughtful if the gift is “health” enhancing or health destroying.

Resistance bands have been high on my gift list since 2001, and during this lock down it’s beautiful to hear from people that are using the bands I gave them.

DO THE SAME 💯 Give a gift 🎁 someone can use to better themselves, not destroy themselves

Have a great day 🔥

Coach George Tsanis

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