ON THIS DAY 2016 Triceps Workout

maxresdefault triceps bench

Triceps Bench Steps Push Ups :
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I love looking at old training videos. Their is a story behind every set, workout, year, and its usually the “bad” years you memorize the most because of the struggles, extra hard work, the willpower, and the fight to not surrender and give up. 2016 was a bad year, but one of my favourite to look back upon, not because it was so good or so bad, because I enjoyed the process of rebuilding myself when I reached rock bottom, and today, and often, I look back at when I was at my weakest, not my strongest, and reminds me why I love working hard in the gym for myself, and others 🙂

Triceps Chest Shoulders Abdominals

Before planks became famous 😎 This is the oldest version i can remember and reference in a training book. I use this as part of my “finisher” movement if I’m training triceps and chest, but will also include this as part of abdominal / core sessions and cardio. No equipment required, 6+ inches to about 12 inches max works best, and build up your reps so you do lots = 50 -200 reps total.
If you play racquet sports I would definitely recommend this exercise

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