Posting food pictures is “boring” and “uninspiring”?

Posting food pictures is “boring” and “uninspiring “ say the “Fitness” and “health “ influencers “ on social media that brag about how RIPPED and STRONG they are and want to “ show you how it’s done “ through their books, manuals, and online training 👍

If “fitness “ and “health” influencers hide what they eat, what else are they hiding from you 🤔💊💉🙄?

Another boring “leftovers” post? YES, and after so many Top Sirloin leftover posts it should become clear as day that if your one of those people with the common complaint about “money” and “time”, then preparing foods with high nutrition, high value 💰, high convenience should be your top priority, not looking at drug abusing models that give you back zero for your time

Some of you will get it ✅, some of you will not 🤦‍♀️

Have a fun productive day

Coach George Tsanis

#beef #leftovers #mashedpotatoes #peppers #garlic #mushrooms #toronto #personaltrainer #strengthandconditioning #fitness #motivation #inspire #godbless

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