Gyms Reopening, Are You Going Back for Your Workout?

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Gyms Reopening, Are You Going Back? If not, Should Gyms Charge Cancellation Fee?
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Gyms are reopening slowly around the world, and many of the safety procedures put in place such as having to book a workout time well in advanced, wearing a mask while exercising, no change rooms, no walking around without supervision, to name a few make working out a stressful event.

What is also troubling is that many gyms / fitness centres are threatening to charge a cancellation fee’s to members. The gym environment has changed, it has become something we didn’t know and sign up for, as gyms reopen are you enthusiastic about returning back to the gym, or will you wait and see how the reopening goes, or will you cancel gym membership and take your workouts somewhere more safer. If you do decide to cancel gym membership are you in agreement that members should be charged a cancellation fee?

Comment below your thoughts and experiences 😊

Coach George Tsanis

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