Budget Low Cost Home Gym Motivation

Budget Low Cost Home Gym Motivation ☀️
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This is my “gym” 😀 Do I have access to a better “home gym” or “equipment”? YES, but as a Coach I didn’t want to have equipment that most people wouldn’t have during the shutdown. In solidarity with most people, I choose to use / have the absolute minimum equipment, and for many people “minimal” has resulted in maximal gains (explained later)?


1) resistance ban ds which I have owned for last 20 years, and also I ensure clients and friends are stocked up by gifting bands on special occasions. Giving someone exercising equipment says “I love you ❤️”, gifting alcohol is not “caring” 🙄

2) mats – yoga mats, carpet, blankets

3) buckets and bags – fill them up with water, sand, books, whatever is safe and learn to do a variety of exercises

4) heavy sandbags- I guarantee you that walking with your body weight 50, 100, hundreds of steps will get you stronger more conditioned than the waste of time treadmill and kettlebell exercises five at gyms 🤦‍♀️

5) cement blocks – do step ups, push ups, and learn to set up the blocks to use safer with exercises

6) sand – at first I used sand from my garden, sand is cheap, I but 80 lbs bags for $4, so buy 10-20 bags and fill up the bags, buckets, and have fun

7) medicine balls – if you take the balls and throw is faint walk, with a partner, fiends, you will get a tremendous workout 🏋️‍♀️

8) steel bars, aluminum sticks, string wood can all be used as “handles” and “barbells”

9) chains – use mine as a TRX replica 😎 I also use chains to lift (remind me to show you later 😇)

10) stereo- great music is a must during home exercise, and for me loud house, drum and bass, techno, rock and roll act as a deterrent from my cheap neighbors that never leave the house and smoke all day while watching us lift, so turn it up

This is it for now, hope this inspires you to start your home gym

Coach George Tsanis

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