My Home Gym Quick Tour – No Bullying

My Home Gym Quick Tour – No Bullying

One year ago, August 2nd, 2019, at exactly 3pm, right before long weekend, I received a letter of suspension of my gym membership. What did I do? I was a victim of discrimination and bullying by staff and upper management, I also witness other staff and members being bullied and abused. For those that know me, I will never allow myself to be abused, and my eyes will never allow me to walk away from witnessing someone being bullied and abused.

In defending others, and myself, in a ‘system” designed to cover up abuse, layers after layers fighting for our rights, for answers, and holding the abusers accountable, layer after layer I found out that you cant fight alone, especially in a ‘system” where abusers defend each other tooth and nail.

Its not my first-time witnessing abuse in gyms and sport, but as I get older I realize weak bullies are, and say to myself “thank God I’m not like that”. Also, as I get older I prefer to choose kindness over anger, and also choose to modify my not only my mindset, but my environment.

Home gym – I have never enjoyed working out in public gyms. My garage was a gym from 1988 to 1995. I have not worked in a public gym since 2001. The gyms today have very little to do with health, combine that with bullies, tough guys that are 6’4 260 pounds that act tough until you show them they messing with the wrong guy, or big tough guys that yell at woman staff in front of members and the when I complain I’m not only ignored, but they tell me staff find me “threatening”. Imagine that, bullies feeling threatened.

With the pandemic, risk of contracting virus, new gym rules, bullies that are protected, drug dealers that are protected, its best to #stayhome and start my own home gym studio. Its mine, always open, always clean, and I don’t have to tolerate big “tough” bullies that run their tail between their legs and ask upper management to protect them because they feel “threatened’,

One year later I am where I said I would be, have my own gym eventually. True to my word I also said I would not outfit a new home gym until public gyms are open. Gyms are now reopening, and I look at all the negativity of gyms, the abuse, discrimination as a blessing, their hate towards me has made me a better, stronger person. My biggest regret is not being able to stick up for the others that got abused, thanks to the “system”, but they to are doing much better. As for the big tough bullys? They are still a weak piece of shit and will have to answer to God.

Trust the process, enjoy the journey, with time our struggles are worth it.
Find inspiration and motivation to not allow for abuse in our world, and modify your life for the better

Coach George Tsanis

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