Home Gym Workout Sandbag Walking Lunges

maxresdefault SANDBAG LUNGES

Home Gym Workout Sandbag Walking Lunges
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Have fun. Try new things. I teach my clients how to be creative in the gym, experiment.

Be creative. Social media is said to make you less creative. Monkey see, monkey do, if you see stupid, dangerous, irrational training, then you will follow the “leaders”. Remember the old days, 15, 20, 25 years ago before the explosion of the internet, when we would have to print out an article and read it, for example that research study you printed in PDF format that you read on the bus after school. I bet you still remember those studies you read in hand, even if you read then in a crowded, loud environment.

By watching fitness influencers, that are themselves, and want you to be addicted to “online content”, you make yourself less creative. “Content” that isn’t helpful, and has a shelf life until the next post, which means it was like a slot machine at the casino, spin the wheels and see what comes up, and usually nothing to help you because your still seeking help, inspiration, motivation, or why is it that your watching these fitness influencers? In these difficult times of no gym, less freedom, new rules, opening your creativity to make things just “work” will allow you to reach new heights in whatever it is your trying to better yourself at, and do it your way 🙂

Do not waste your time watching online content that turns your fitness journey into an uncreative, boring, unproductive, dangerous path. Have fun, try new things, experiment, and turn your exercise and fitness area into your “playground”.

Coach George Tsanis


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