Home Gym Workout Motivation Fitness Equipment Unboxing

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Home Gym Workout Motivation Fitness Equipment Unboxing
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Spend time and money on experiences and things nothing can take away from you. Happiness. Joy. Fulfillment. Productivity. Time. Progress.

Investing into your own home gym is money well spent. Your equipment, available when you are, anytime, anywhere.

Eating out? Drinking alcohol? Drugs?

This is where people put most of their time, money, attention. What does it give back? Joy? Happiness? Productivity? Or wasted money, time, and dependence on others to feed you…at a cost!!!!

Alcohol? When you see someone flashing their alcoholic drink on social media what thoughts pop into your head? Happiness? Good time? Wasted money? Wasted time?

Owning your own fitness equipment. Yours. Always available.

Gym membership. With the worldwide gym shutdowns, it only proves what real Coaches like myself have been teaching for decades; missed workouts are a missed opportunity to get better, so we don’t miss workouts. Owning your own fitness equipment allows you to be more in control of how and when you can workout. The shutdown proved how untrustworthy gym companies and memberships can be with your health and fitness goals. NOT trustworthy at all!!!!!

Trick me once shame on you. Trick me twice shame on me. When will people realize that being dependant on others to cook for you, on alcohol to sooth you, and gym memberships to provide a space of fitness is not being in control, but leaving others in control of you?

Every time I, and someone I know and work with buys new fitness equipment, I feel we get ‘stronger” and more in “control”. “MINE” and “OURS” are words that come to mind with each exercise equipment purchase and unboxing.

Hopefully I have enlightened you and brought awareness to lifestyle decisions that are wasting your life, holding you back, and simple solutions to the worlds “new normal” problems”.

Cook your own food. Do not destroy your life with alcohol and drugs. Invest in your own fitness equipment.

Happiness. Joy. Progress. Own It 😊

Coach George Tsanis

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