Happy First Day of Fall Throw Everything You Got at It

Happy First Day of Fall Throw Everything You Got at It #fitnessmotivation #Change #inspiration

Fall, a season full of change, exciting opportunities to let go of what no longer serves you, move towards a better you, closer to your best-self, closer to what matters, and closer to real happiness and purpose.

2020 has not been the best year for many of us. The shock of a health pandemic, fears, losing our freedom. After many months we now know what is reality and need to work towards what is, acceptance, and let go of everything that holds us down, for example alcohol, drugs, and wasting time with people and things that do more damage than the said pandemic and lockdown. Let the new season of fall, with its beautiful colorful changes inspire you to change as well, naturally, to who you really are.

100 days till the end of 2020. No matter how good or bad it was for you, be strong, be true, choose to live with happiness and not pleasure. Let the new season be the beginning of a new you, with our new normal not making us worse, but our new reality forcing us to enjoy the journey of becoming better, and best ever.

Do nothing to make yourself worse and everything to make yourself better and best.

As always, I here to help inspire, motivate, teach Have a beautiful fall season

Coach George Tsanis




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