Hello October Gym Workout Motivation

Hello October Gym Workout Motivation
#pistolsquat #bodyweightworkout #fitnessmotivation
3 more months. 92 days. 2200 hours.132532 minutes. 2020, good, bad, somewhere in-between, you got all this massive amount of time till the end of the year to make 2020 AMAZING NO MATTER WHAT !!!!!!
Don’t wait!!! Don’t give up!!! Do what you can to make yourself and this world better. We all have this superpower, so use it!!!!
The pandemic and shutdown is your opportunity to rid yourself of toxic people and things holding you back from your happiness, health, and best-self. Look at what you don’t want, don’t need, and replace it with what you do need and want, things that will bring you closer to your true authentic self.
Do you miss to many workouts? Why? Eliminate all reasons why and replace them with actions that make you more active! Don’t stop there, eliminate all the junk in your life that makes you worse, and replace them with everything that makes you better and best.
Do nothing to make yourself worse, do everything to make yourself better!!!!
3 full months…have a fun October 🙂

Coach George Tsanis

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