Old man Having Fun at the Gym

Old man Having Fun at the Gym Box squats with bands and chains

Sometimes its too late to turn back, and I’m not talking about time or age, talking about workouts and physical exercise. It could happen at any time, and when it does you need to be prepared to adapt to your current mood and situation.

Here I am in a situation I must deal with daily as a Coach. Mood sucks, energy low, not in mood to be here, don’t want to do the planned scheduled workout and exercises, blah blab blah wah wah wah ☹.

You can video record your bad sets and workout and post them on Instagram and tell everyone your life story of why your workout sucked today, but I assure you that anyone with a life doesn’t care about your workout, or your excuses, so move on to something more valuable, changing the workout to fit your mood, energy, wants, and needs.

Doing the prescribed workout would be ‘forcing” yourself, and if the mind and body are telling you something, maybe you should listen 😉
Changing the workout, adding fun exercises, something you may have never done before, yes experimenting, try new things, go back to old things, will ensure that you don’t miss a workout, don’t have a bad workout, don’t burn out and exhaust yourself by forcing yourself, and adding much needed fun and excitement to a workout will lift up your blah and wah mood.

Listen to the old man, he knows from experience 😉 More importantly, listen to your body 😊

Coach George Tsanis

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