Bodyweight Challenge Body Dips with Chains

Bodyweight Challenge Body Dips with Chains

Life would be boring without challenges. Thankfully life today has presented us with more unique challenges than ever. Back 40 years ago gyms were basic, maybe a barbell, plastic weights, parallel bars, bike, medicine balls. Bodyweight exercises is what separated the strong and motivated and the weak and “I’m bored” excuse crowd. With gyms being forced to shut down, and people not going for the heightened risk of contracting a virus, learning and mastering bodyweight exercises provides the mind and fitness challenge you need to build all-round health.

Be able to move your body. This is my personal challenge when working with someone. Whether it’s a concern of “progress” or “boredom”, if your exercise program lacks challenging bodyweight exercises such as dips, push ups, chin ups, steps ups, lunges, yoga, gymnastics, then your program and life isn’t challenging enough, therefore not making the progress you want and need, and boredom and stress will arrive when doing the same things over and over again with little to no results.


Challenge yourself

Have a fun workout

Coach George Tsanis

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