Rogue Fitness Dog Sled Home Gym Having Fun

Rogue Fitness Dog Sled Home Gym Having Fun
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Testing, playing around with my new Rogue Fitness Dog Sled 1.2, getting a feel for how it reacts to my concrete and tight driveway. CHALLENGING, FUN, PRODUCTIVE!!!!
Its not whether the gyms are open or shut down, its that ONLY YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR NEXT WORKOUT….unless you handed that control to someone else….
Home gyms never shut down. Always open. Equipment yours. Anytime. Anywhere. Its your health. BE IN CONTROL.
Invest in the exercise equipment you need, your tools, to get and keep you in the best physical conditioning possible. Relying and trusting gyms that are forced to shutdown is not being in control of your fitness outcome, a waste of time, waste of money.
Eventually all serious fitness and sport minded people achieve a point in their development where they have to initiate more control, flexibility, and variety in their programs, and this involves multiple training locations, especially for frequent travelers, and owning your own fitness equipment that is always available when you need it. BE IN CONTROL.
Have a fun day
Coach George Tsanis

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