Gym Lockdown Throw Everything You Got at Your Fitness Journey

Gym Shutdown Throw Everything You Got at Your Fitness Journey
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Gym Shutdown Throw Everything You Got at Your Fitness Journey
Biceps curls with chains
Even when gyms were open, not shutdown, they were not without its problems. Many people using the gym as a hangout social playground can make workouts extra difficult for people that take their workouts much more serious.

Many issues arise on a daily basis that will force you to improvise your scheduled planned workout. Congregating around fitness equipment, hoarding equipment, long rest periods between sets, broken equipment, equipment that is reserved and unavailable just to name a few of the challenges we face when training in a public shared facility.

This is me, scheduled to do bicep curls to finish up my workout, but had to get created when I realized the dumbbells, I needed were in use by varsity athletes that thought it would be productive to hoard 6 pairs of dumbbells at the incline bench that served more as a backdrop to their social media selfies than used to make better athletes.

Most gym goers would wait, wasting valuable time that could have been put towards another exercise, others would leave convincing themselves they completed the workout for the day (they didn’t!!!).

Workout Solutions teaches our clients to always have a contingency plan, A, B, C, and even D!!!! We are prepared for it in mind and body and expect these issues and instead of letting issues make our workouts less effective at best, ruin our workout at worst, we look for ways to keep our workouts FUN, SAFE, and PRODUCTIVE NO MATTER WHAT.

Just as gyms around the world are closed, there is no waiting, or allowing anything to interfere with your training journey.
Do everything to make yourself better and nothing tio make yourself worse
Coach George Tsanis

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