Boxing Day Lockdown Home Gym Fitness Workout #boxingday #lockdown #Covid19

Boxing Day Lockdown Home Gym Fitness Workout
#boxingday #onlineshopping #homeworkout

Another lockdown? If the new lockdown cleans up peoples lives of toxic habits, keeps us save from contracting a virus, I’m all ready, willing, prepared, and looking forward to having more time doing what I love, with my loved ones, free of modern world distractions, and looking especially forward to healthier, stronger, happier people post lockdown when people free themselves of life destroying habits.

Ontario Canada enters a Province wide lockdown, more severe travel restrictions, most small businesses and restaurants closed. Gyms shutdown, everything locked down, no guests allowed to visit, no work.

As I mentioned in this video, “Christmas Lockdown Health and Fitness Lifestyle Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones”, , it would be best to gift your loved ones something that can make their lockdown more productive, health promoting, to use this extra time of lockdown shutdown to better themselves and keep them far way from the negative mental and physical health issues that can, and are visibility occurring in those that are not careful on what they focus on.

Focus on life. REAL LIFE. Sober up, ditch the life destroying alcohol, cook your own meals, bake your own breads pastry and desserts, eliminate people and things that make you worse, exercise at home, get better sleep, and make time for all the things you loved to do before the digital age and pleasure took over our life.

Happy Lockdown

Coach George Tsanis

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