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2021 Home Gym Lockdown Workout Motivation Don’t wish for it, WORK FOR IT. HARD WORK PAYS OFF. PERIOD!!! #mondaymotivation #goals #hardwork

2021, the first full week of the new year starts NOW!!! Don’t wish for it, WORK FOR IT. HARD WORK PAYS OFF. PERIOD!!!

I am fiercely excited for 2021. I love challenges. If It doesn’t challenge you, it wont change you. Blessed I am to have had many special elderly people in my life that took care of me, and I took care of them, especially my Grandmother Melpomeni, who taught me God protects me and I have nothing to worry about. The horrors stories I heard from the hundreds of elders I personally knew, war, famine, sickness, dark, torturous times, none of them lived in the past, and many were some of the most happy, lovable people I ever met. Todays challenges are different, and pale in comparison from what our elders had to endure. I’m sure we will all survive this lockdown, this pandemic, and come out better, stronger, wiser, and in the end, happier, as was the result with our elders after all the hell they went through.


Has the challenges of 2020 made you better or worse?

Coach George Tsanis

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