Home Gym Lockdown Motivation No Pain No Gain #COVID19 #lockdown #health

Home Gym Lockdown Motivation No Pain No Gain

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Who is working out today NO MATTER WHAT!!!???

Life is a journey, and a challenge. The last year has been a challenging one for most of us, and the world as a whole. For me, I both expected and welcomed these challenging times. I was bored with “normal”, I was disappointed in much of what I see when I go out, and when you see people gravitating towards worldly pleasures instead of true happiness, you can see and realize that the last year was a blessing in disguise. Hopefully many of you shed many or all of your worldly, sinful, destructive habits and found true happiness, meaning, purpose in the things that MATTER = NO MATTER WHAT !!!!

Many of the things we can no longer do in this pandemic lockdown, or more difficult to do, were not that of high importance and priority.

Many of the things which we can do in this forced lockdown, must do, have obligations and responsibility to do, in this forced lockdown, we can do if we want, if we must, if we look for ways. Because they are to be done NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

Look for opportunities to strengthen your health and wellbeing by using this lockdown shutdown to shed life wasters, health destroyers, and all that makes you yourself worse.

Without health we have nothing. Take care of yourself.

This video shows me suffering from a hand injury. It’s been over a month now. Took some rest from lifting, as you can see, my right hand has no strength, rest wasn’t much of an option LOL. Did this hand injury stop me from performing my duties, responsibilities, needs, wants, must do, NO MATTER WHAT???? NOT AT ALL !!!!

I have lived with pain and suffering all my life, the 24 hours of pain in my right hand the last month from this hand injury just show me how blessed I am to have many people in my life that give me strength to keep going, help, love, become better. I have reasons, meaning, purpose to keep going, and I do, NO MATTER WHAT !!!!

I see it’s in style these days to make excuses not to better yourself, worldly pleasures over real happiness. Sinful, destructive lifestyles, drugs, alcohol, pornography, lack of exercise, unhealthy foods, sleep deprivation, and of course, internet addiction.

Find your NO MATTER WHAT, life is less painful that way 🙂

Love and Happiness is the best healer

Coach George Tsanis

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