Gym Life Motivation Memories Horrible Workout Equipment

Gym Life Motivation Memories Horrible Workout Equipment

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The most common comments I receive from people that have invested in their own home gym is “That is the best barbell I have ever touched”, and “I have never touched a real barbell in my life until now, and I have been working out for decades” as a strong second most common comment.

This is footage from one gym I would train at, out of convenience, but these bars were smoother than a baby’s bottom, very passive knurling, hard to grip and hold, this rendering your exercises not “optimal”. Before the shutdown I had permission to bring a bar to the gym and keep it locked up. Looking at old training footage now, especially with people that have bough home gym equipment, brings a hardy laugh, with “HOW DID WE EVER TRAIN LIKE THAT!!!??? 

Who among you that have built your own home gym get a good laugh recalling the horrible, inferior gym equipment at your training facility?

The blessing of the gym shutdown has not only brought the gym home, but it has also brought home better equipment than what your fitness facility was offering, which I’m sure was brought on the premise of “cost” and not “gains” (meaning = they don’t care about better equipment resulting in better performance, they were concerned with cost of equipment at the expense of worse performance and inferior progress).

Gyms will have a lot to answer for once they open up, especially now that most fitness enthusiast have tasted something better.

He who laughs last laughs best. I hope you are enjoying your own personal gym equipment that no one can take away from you. I bet the equipment you bought is better than the equipment you had at the fitness facility you were a “member” of…the facility that had a budget to buy the best equipment but chose not to…. Forgive, but never forget 😉

Coach George Tsanis

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